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Sharing a file with a patient

Attaching a file to a patient has been a recent addition to Accurx that has useful for remote clinical work. Files such as: e- FIT notes, blood test forms,  e-Booklets  can be shared directly to patient phones.

1. Open patient's record and Accurx on relevant clinical system

If unsure about this please refer to this useful guide about Getting Started with Accurx

2. Select the message option

It is useful to know where your file is located in advance and that files containing sensitive information (e.g. blood forms) are clearly identifiable/ named.

3. Adding the attachment

Click on "Attach File"

Message Patient

Double check that the right patient contact details appear on Accurx

By selecting "Attach  File" a new window will open with your documents list.

Message Patient

Select file and click "Open"

Attachments are shared to patients via link. Patients have to click on the link and enter their date of birth to download attachments.

4. Send Message

Attachments are only available for 14 days. Remind patients to download attachments prior to this as they may be lost (e.g. blood form sent electronically, but to be completed in 6 weeks).

Confirm Correct Patient Details/ Attachment Details

Message Patient


Message Patient
5. Patient's Side

Text message received

Enter date of birth and press continue

The attachment will now open

Attachments can be saved differently based on patient's operating system.


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