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Reporting HIS Portal

Reporting an issue with your IT team

There are unfortunate times that one may experience some IT difficulties; e.g. broken monitors, printers etc. In those situations one can easily log the problem viat the HIS Portal.

Step 1: Accessing the Portal

In many cases there is an internet shortcut on the computer screen to access the SSHIS Service Desk

If the internet shortcut is not available on your screen you can access the Service Desk via your Internet Explorer Browser

Access the favorites folder and select NHS Links

Under NHS Links folder select the and open the SSHIS sub-folder and select the S&SHIS Service Desk Portal

Hint: It may be worth dragging and dropping the shortcut on your desktop for future needs!

Step 2: Reporting an error

Click on "Add" and select Raise Service Request

On the Add Ticket Screen fill in the information with regards to your issue

Asset Numbers

The asset number of equipment is located on the NHS sticker on the device. See examples are below:


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