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Accurx OC - Admin side

Checking the inbox

accuRx toolbar

Online consultations appear under the "To Assign Section"

To Assign section
When patient is not matched

The option

Select consult in the inbox
The patient search popup will appear

Filling in the popup depends on a case by case basis. Individual processed need to be followed to confirm a patient match.

Patient Thread - Patient Finder
When the correct patient is identified confirm match

Take care when confirming that the correct record is matched

When the patient is matched the consult can be saved on the relevant patient record
When patient is matched

When the patient is matched, the team monitoring the "To Assign" inbox can immediately assign the consult to a relevant team and save the consult to the patient record (based on individual processes).


Assigning a consult to a relevant team


Identify the team you want to assign the consult to


The consult will disappear from the "To Assign" and appear in the relevant team

The "Done" function results in the consult being archived. Its purpose it to be used when no further action is required for this consult and all relevant actions have been completed.

The exact process on the assignment of a consult to a team depends on individual practices.


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