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Pathways/ Delayed Text Messaging

Accurx offers the ability to send a reminder to patients. This can be useful for tasks such as blood test monitoring, blood pressure reading reminders, chronic disease review etc.  

How to set up a text reminder

Firstly access the relevant patient's record and select the text message option from the Accurx toolbar


On the text message template select the pathway option

Select a preferred option

There is a multitude of preset pathways, however if there is not one of your preference you can customize your own.

Message Patient

An option for annual recall is available - consideration must be taken re potential changes of telephone number etc.


In the free version of the app each user can only set up 5 pathways per week.

Message Patient

Sadly Accurx has not activated the attachment option for this section, yet. This means you cannot set a pathway with an attached form

After the text has been sent

You will be able to see in the message trail the send and queued messages

Message Patient
Customize your own pathway

If you wish to tailor a pathway to a specific patient this can easily be done by selecting the Custom Pathway option

Message Patient

Here you can create a custom send date, but also freely type a text of your choice

Message Patient

You can also add multiple future messages

Message Patient

Currently there is no option for storing custom pathways, so this has to be done on a case by case basis

Canceling a pathway

In some cases one may have accidentally sent a pathway message with a future text that they wish to cancel.

First click on your initials on the Accurx toolbar


Select the option "Manage Practice"


A new window will pop-up on your browser.

Practices - accuRx. - Google Chrome

The options in this drop list will differ based on access rights. This should be discussed with the in house "Accurx lead" for the organisation.

Here you will be able to see a list of the queued messages for your practice

Practices - accuRx. - Google Chrome

You will need to know the patient NHS number to be able to identify the message you wish to cancel

When the right patient has been identified just select cancel
Practices - accuRx. - Google Chrome


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