Restricting Access

When should access be restricted?

There is a number of reasons that may result in limiting access to online records. Common reasons for restricting access may be:

  • Safeguarding
  • Information on record that may cause harm to individual/ others
  • Inappropriate system use (e.g booking inappropriate appointments consistently/ purposefully booking all online available appointments
  • Data protection of third parties mentioned in the record
  • Limiting access to parental guardian at requests of over 18 or earlier if competent/ have capacity

In order to reach the access rights section, please follow the Amending Online Services Access Pathway

Restricting access

Select Amend Service Access and limit access to relevant sections

Selecting the options of "Close account" or "Remove Access" will delete an individual's account. This means that it can be reopened through their NHS app.  Therefore it is important that access is ONLY AMENDED rather than closing the account.

When relevant access has been removed press "Ok"

New levels of access will be displayed on screen

Don't forget to save the record.


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