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Video Consultations via Accurx

One of the useful features of Accurx is the capacity to complete video consultations. This can be set up by individual clinicians/ practice staff and does not require patients to set up an account.

How do I set this up?

Details on how to install Accurx are shared here

What equipment do I need for Video Calls?

There are two options for performing video consultations. One via your desktop and one via your phone.

Desktop: On a desktop you will need a working microphone and webcam. The use of speakers if possible is also recommended, as it enhances audio quality and improves user experience.

Network org structure  (1).png - IrfanView (Zoom: 2881 x 2619)

Phone: You can use a smartphone with stable internet connection. You may wish to consider a phone stand and a set of headphones so you can communicate with your patients clearly and type/ check their medical record at the same time.

If you decide to use your own phone, your phone number will NOT be shared with the patient.

Please note the iPhones require to be post IOS 12 software.  

Ok I got all this, what do I do next?

Starting a Video Call Via Phone SystmOne

Starting a Video Call Via Phone EMIS

Starting a Video Call Via Desktop (both EMIS and SystmOne)

There is a YouTube video that outlines how to start a video consult over Accurx for EMIS. The principle is the same for SystmOne users. Sadly, this is not an up to date  video instruction, so please see the following step by step photos. 

Step 1: Access the patient record

This is as per your usual practice of accessing a record independent of the system used.

Step 2: Click on the Accurx camera button


Step 3: Select Send and Save

Message Patient

Step 4:  Starting the Video Call

As soon as you click on the link generated on the text message history your browser will launch and a video call start with your patient. Therefore be prepared prior to clicking on the link, check your environment etc.

Message Patient

In case the browser launched is not supported e.g. Explorer, you will need to copy and paste the link to one of the supported browsers. The list of supported browsers has been highlighted at Step 3.

Message Patient

Step 5: Video Call Started

nhs/bd9d28da-4754-45e9-9869-84a3e4486e0c - Whereby - Google Chrome

Video functions on Accurx

Accurx offers a list of functions that may be useful during a Video Call

Options to turn on/ off your camera and mic

nhs/bd9d28da-4754-45e9-9869-84a3e4486e0c - Whereby - Google Chrome

Screen Share

Screen Share functions can be highly useful in order to demonstrate to patient useful resources/ material

nhs/bd9d28da-4754-45e9-9869-84a3e4486e0c - Whereby - Google Chrome

Invite Other Participants

On the top left corner of your screen (See picture under Step 5) there is the bar below.

nhs/bd9d28da-4754-45e9-9869-84a3e4486e0c - Whereby - Google Chrome

Clicking on this bar will generate the following window

nhs/bd9d28da-4754-45e9-9869-84a3e4486e0c - Whereby - Google Chrome

Inviting other callers in a Video Consultation can be useful in MDTs, or when wishing to utilize a colleague's opinion with a particular area of expertise.

By Clicking on your toolbar on the "People" Section you can see who has joined the call

The following window will appear

nhs/bd9d28da-4754-45e9-9869-84a3e4486e0c - Whereby - Google Chrome

Ending a call

To end the call simply select the "Leave" option on the toolbar.

Note the call will end immediately without a confirmation message.

nhs/bd9d28da-4754-45e9-9869-84a3e4486e0c - Whereby - Google Chrome


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