TrainingDigital AccuRxSystmOne (TPP): Med3 digital

SystmOne (TPP): Med3 digital

This shows a step by step workflow for sending Fit Notes to patients using Accurx ChainSMS service with the new functionality to attach documents.

This is created using:

MASSIVE thanks to Dr Avi Pillai and his team who have pointed out that Bullzip is only free for personal use! They recommend Cute or Claw PDF which are freewares. They also have a lovely video on YouTube about using the PDF printer.

1. Select your PDF printer [Bullzip]
Set up PDF Printer

Ensure that your PDF printer is set as default. In SystmOne, Med3 generation will print directly from your default printer. There will be no optional printer dialogue.

2. Generate a MED3
Mickey Mouse

We are using Mickey Mouse test patient.

NB. Your toolbar and clinical tree will be different and dependent on your set up.

Find Med3 Clinical Tree

Find MED3 statements on your clinical tree

Create a Med3

Generate a Med3

Print (to PDF printer)

Note down where the file is and open it with Adobe Acrobat

PDF output
3. Bullzip
Bullzip PDF Printer 10.25 - Create File

Bullzip is highly customisable so these settings may be totally different for you.

4. Microsoft PDF printer
Pathology Requesting
Pathology Requesting
5. Adobe Acrobat Signing

Locate your pdf file and open it in Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

Now you are ready to sign the fit note.

Fill and Sign
Choose your signature
Add initials

I've already got a signature but you can add yours, or add multiple

Adding a signature

You can draw on a trackpad or use your mouse

General.pdf - Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

Now just select/ drag your signature to where you need it

General.pdf - Adobe Acrobat Reader DC
General.pdf - Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

Once you are done proceed

General.pdf - Adobe Acrobat Reader DC
General.pdf - Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

Save it and replace your original fit note

General.pdf - Adobe Acrobat Reader DC
General.pdf - Adobe Acrobat Reader DC
6. Send via Accurx
Message Patient

Now on Chain SMS, send your message as normal and attach the file.

Message Patient

Remember to DELETE the fit note file after it has been sent

7. Clinical Record
SystmOne GP: Dr Jacky Aw (Caldicott Guardian) at Loomer Road Surgery - Patient Record

This is how it is recorded in the clinical notes


liz keller

I cannot find the attach file link
Is it live yet?

Jacky Aw

It should be live on your Accurx - if not contact them and they should be able to activate it for you Liz!


Our sick notes default to a PNG file not PDF so cannot open in Adobe - any suggestions?

rajeev sekhon

can I do med 3 on accurx

Jacky Aw

I don't believe you can do a med3 on Accurx. The eMed3 or Med3's can only be generated within the clinical system.

Jacky Aw

Ciara. It will be your default setting on your pdf printer which outputs as a PNG rather than PDF. Check your PDF printer setting.

Dilip Patel

I have just used this and found it very useful, however one problem I have is how to rotate the Med 3 by 90 degrees so that I can sign it correctly.
(Do we have to subscribe for the rotation function on A.Acrobat?)

Jacky Aw

Dilip - you can rotate it (see the instructions above). It is a free feature of Adobe Acrobat!

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