TrainingUsing SystmOneConsultationsView a Third Party (EMIS) Record through SystmOne

View a Third Party (EMIS) Record through SystmOne

This Guide show how to view a patients record using GP Connect.

Retrieve Patients Record

Retrieve the patients record in the usual way. You can either search for the patient, view the patients record from the appointment list or start a consultation from the appointment list.

Clinical Tree- Third Party Record

1. There is a node in the clinical tree called 'Third Party Record' click on the node.

2. Once you have clicked on the 'Third Party Record, click 'Check for Record'

These steps are shown below

Check for Records

3. Once you have clicked 'Check for Records' if there is a third party record available you can click 'view' as shown below

Viewing the Patients Summary

You will now be able to view the patients record summary.


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