TrainingUsing SystmOne ConsultationsChaperone SystmOne Template

Chaperone SystmOne Template

1. Open the Chaperone Examination template

Click on the Chaperone Template on the toolbar

2. The Chaperone Examination Template

This will open the chaperone Examination Template

1. If you are a clinician and have offered a chaperone click on the chaperone offered

2. Click on the pencil to add any applicable text


3. Tick the box for examination explained if you have explained the examination to the patient

3. Adding associated free text

This will open a text box to add any applicable text

4. Refused / not available or not offered a chaperone

If patient refuses a chaperone, chaperone is not available or if a chaperone was not offered, click on the relevant tick box below and enter any comments using the notes box provided (the pencil icon)

5. If you are a chaperone

If you have been asked to chaperone, tick the chaperone present box below and then click on the pencil icon

6. Add Text into the box

Add any appropriate text into the box


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