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Registering Temporary Patients

Step 1

Load SystmOne so that your home screen is visible



Step 2

When looking at the home screen you then need to click on the Register icon below this may also be on your toolbar as shown below


SystmOne Gateway GP: Miss Laura Taylor (Senior Administrator) at Loomer Road Surgery - Home

Step 3

Once you have clicked on the registration icon the following image should then appear


SystmOne Gateway GP: Miss Laura Taylor (Senior Administrator) at Loomer Road Surgery - Register New Patient

Step 4

If the patient knows their NHS number it can be added here then press search, this should then generate the patient immediately, then press the green tick. If the patient does not know their NHS number then we need to know the patients First name, Surname, Gender and Date of birth without these correct details we are unable to register the patient successfully.


Document1 - Microsoft Word

Once you have done this it will generate one of two possible images


Step 5

Click "OK", this will then generate another screen

The next image will then look like this, you will need to tick where it states "Temporary Resident <under 16 days as shown below, you also have to add something in the Home GP section ideally this should be patients own GP Surgery for example Goldenhill if not then please write UNKNOWN in this section. Only after this is completed can you then proceed to click "OK" and "Save".

Step 6

Once this has been saved, search for the patient to double check they have been registered. The patient should then appear in RED example below

Alternative view - go back to Step 4 - Follow the instructions to complete

Once you have clicked the green tick the following image may appear instead

Click on the "Temporary Resident" and then "OK" it will then generate this screen, then click "NO"  

This screen will then generate, click "OK"

As above in Step 5 you will need to add who the patients usual GP is for example Goldenhill or type in "UNKNOWN" then click "OK"

You will then need to add in the patients address, it should generate the patients own home address, please double check this before adding along with an up to date contact number, then click "OK"

Once you have clicked "OK" the following screen will generate, click "YES"

This should then confirm registration, click "OK"

A further pop up should appear, click "NO"

The patient will show in the top right hand corner, to complete registration click "SAVE"

Then repeat Step 6


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