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Countersigning Consultations

Countersigning Consultations

When trainees have seen and consulted patients using SystmOne, the records are filed but a task is also sent awaiting to be reviewed and signed off.

  1. Go to Tasks
  2. If you are authourised to countersign consultations for the trainee, then they will appear in your task list.

Within the task list, either:

  1. Click on the 'Action' button
  2. Right mouse click and choose 'Action' in the menu

Action if happy with the content of the consultation.


Remember to check:

  1. General content, including spelling and grammar.
  2. Clinical coding
  3. Prescribing of medication
  4. Follow up/ Safety Net/ Red Flags
Retrieve Patient

If you need to check the patient's record in more detail, then retrieve the notes via the right mouse context menu.



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