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Reauthourisation medication

Reauthourisation of medication is quite a complex process. However, it can be done, and done well with a systematic approach! This guide outlines some of the principles involved, and is not meant to be prescriptive


Go to Tasks and Sort by Date.

Retrieve Patient

Check Patient Demographics and Status Alerts

This is a good starting point. Check age, gender, and also status alerts.

Status alerts give valuable information about what disease register or safety warnings patient have have.

Cross Reference

Cross reference patient status alerts with the problem list and also medication, as a starting point to help make sense of it all. In this case - there is an active problem which matches the hypertension icon! Hurrah!

Similarly, checking against current repeat medication helps inform us that we're on the right track!

Check Recall Matches Birth Month


Select all by dragging all meds or press the select all button (Red Circle), and then press reauthourise (Green Triangle).

Complete Task


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