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Win10 Sharing of single VPN

This will allow sharing of a single VPN connection in a local network

  1. This will assume that you will have a single computer with a VPN connection available
  2. Your internet connection to the rest of the world is a standard connection - via a router with wifi enabled
  3. Your computer has only ONE network port
  4. Your computer has only ONE wifi connection
1. Connect to your router (local area network (LAN))
2. Connect to VPN service

Connect to your VPN service in the usual way. If you need to configure this go take a look at this guide.

3. Share your VPN connection

Ok - this is the crucial step

  1. This is your wifi connection - your lifeline to the rest of the world!
  2. This is your VPN (Virtual Private Network) which gives you access to N3
  3. This is the network plug (RJ45) at the back of the computer which you are currently NOT using) but will be forming the new network to SHARE your N3 connection!

When this is activated. This will automatically assign your designated connection (Ethernet (in this case)) its own IP address (network or Internet Protocol), Subnet Mask.

Network Connections

This will not be the same for your set-up!

4. Connect to another computer


  1. connect your main computer to second computer
  2. use a standard network cable
  3. make sure second computer wifi is SWITCHED OFF


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