Generic New Install

This guide is for installation of:

  • Cisco VPN client (Virtual Private Network) - allows you to connect to NHS network
  • Identity Agent (allows you to read your smartcard) - reads your smartcard
  • Smartcard Reader drivers - recognises your smartcard reader
  • (Bullzip PDF - freeware) - prints out in PDF (portable document format) - please see comments below
  • (Cute PDF - freeware)
  • (Claw PDF - opensource)

MASSIVE thanks to Dr Avi Pillai and his team who have pointed out that Bullzip is only free for personal use! They recommend Cute or Claw PDF which are freewares. They also have a lovely video on YouTube about using the PDF printer.

Google Repository Thanks to Jez & Dustyn @ Primary Care Pathways!

NHS Digital has a very good repository of download and documentation. You will need to be on an N3/ HSCN connection to be able to access it. ie You cannot access this from 'normal' home internet!

2. Cisco AnyConnect

Launch Cisco AnyConnect. This is on Win10, but will be similar on other Windows.

This box will appear the first time you launch.

You should have something like this from your supplier, which contains the info you need.

Your username remains constant. Your password is usually a 'PIN code' followed by a constantly changing 6 digit number provided on a 'dongle' from your provider.

You're connected!

3. Identity Agent Installation

On Win10, you will get this alert.

Navigate to Windows Features

Go back to install your Identity Agent (IA). There are several versions for IA. Emis may have compatibility issues with some versions.

Just use default settings

Launch Identity Agent

Well done! Identity Agent is installed!

4. Install Drivers and Middleware for Card Reader

There are a variety of card readers, from standalone card readers (HID OminKey) to Dell Keyboards with built in card readers. This will cover most of the usual card readers.

This is what you will see if you don't have the correct drivers for your card readers

5. Gemalto Middleware

Middleware is the translator between the software and the smartcard. All versions of Identity Agent needs Middleware.

There are 32-bit and 64-bit versions. Your computer will tell you if you have the wrong one!

Well done if you've got to this bit.

6. HID OmniKey Driver

This is the driver for the smartcard reader. You may have a different reader so find the appropriate driver. Generally this is the most common smartcard reader for remote working.

Accept default settings


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