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Sending Pending Recalls for Chronic Diseases

Recall Letter Generation Report

1. Go to Reporting in the menu bar

2. Select Miscellaneous Reports

3. Select Recall Letter Generation

Running the Report

1. Change the Dates (always make sure that the "from" date is the 1st April for that current QOF year- this is to ensure none are missed) Run this in weekly blocks and always 1 month ahead of yourself

2. Change Recall Status is "Pending"

3. Change the Recall type to "Chronic Disease Review" from the drop down menu

4. Run Report

Generating the Letters

1. Put the Recall notes in order so that you can clearly see the recall categories by selecting "Recall Notes" header

2. Highlight a group of the same category for example select all "Category A"

3. Select "Generate Letters in Word"

This may take a little while to process

Recall Letter

1. This will then bring up a box "Select a Recall Letter Template"

2. Select "Annual Review" letter from the Recall Letters drop down box which is found within the Loomer Medical folder

3. Once selected click "Ok"

Merge & Print

Make sure you have created a folder called "Recalls" on your desktop before attempting to print the letter

1.. Then click "Merge And Print"  This will then print a letter for each one selected

Again this with take a little while to process

Bullzip Printer

Once you have pressed "Merge And Print" a box will appear called "Bullzip PDF Printer 11.7 - Create File" this will save the documents to the computer as a PDF format

1. The first letter you do you will need to click on the 3 dots to select the location you would like to save to. (you want to save this to the folder you created called "Recalls")

2. Press Save

Please note a preview of the letter that you have saved to the folder will pop up, you just need to close this down if you do not untick "Open the Document after creation"


Renaming the Letters

1. You will need to open your recalls folder and rename the documents- initials of patient, right click on the document and rename

Adding a 1st Recall

Go back to SystmOne, the recalls you highlighted should still be highlighted.

1. Right click on the highlighted recalls and go to "Actions"

2. Select "Add Recall"

Adding a Recall

This box will appear

1. Go to the drop down list for Category- Select Chronic Disease Monitoring

2. In the comments box write the Category for example Category A you can use your presets for this

3. Change the Date for 1 month ahead of todays date if not already changed (this should change automatically)

4. Go to the drop down list for initial Status - Select 1st Recall

5. Press Ok

Once you have pressed OK, the following box will appear.

1. You need to press Supersede

A confirmation box will then appear to say that the recall was successfully added Press OK

Blood Forms

Re open your Recall Folder with the list of initials from the Desktop

Retrieve the patient record on SystmOne and select the ICE button

You will then connect the the hospitals pathology system. Select the bloods needed for that recall- Check against your patients icons under the demograhics box to what blood test they need and your "Bloods for Review" Form

Once you have selected the relevant tests needed, press the "continue with request" button

The following box will then appear,

1. Go to the drop down list for "Requesting Consultant/GP" Select Jane Welsh or Louise Scott ONLY

2. In the global Clinical details put "Chronic Disease Monitoring"

3. If Fasting Select Fasting from the Priority List

4. Select "Collect Later"

5. Press Accept Request

Make sure that you print this to the Bullzip PDF Printer

Press Print

1. When the following box appears go to the merge Tab

2. Press the 3 dots (...) next to the "Append PDF"

Merging the Blood Form

Select the letter that needed the blood form

Press Open

Your letter will appear in the Append PDF Box.

Leave the position as bottom.

Press Save

Once this box has gone you must Press Proceed and Save in SystmOne

If you open your Recalls Letters Folder you will see that you have an un-named file - this is the letter merged with the blood form.

Delete the original letter without the blood form and rename the un named file as the initials again

Repeat this process for all letters that need a blood form attaching


Once you have all your Merged letters, Open Docmail Print Driver.

Drag your letters across from your folder to the docmail print driver.

When you have dragged them all across this box will appear

You need to go through it step by step.

1 Highlight Patient demographic details and date using the Docmail Address window

1. Once you have selected the Address and Date this will enable you to pick the correct address from the "Add Address> Text Extraction"

2. Select "Whole document to single address" from the Logic Drop down Menu

3. Click Next

Check that the patient address is displayed and select Next

1. Make sure that Black and White Simplex (single sided) is ticked

2. Make sure that the As soon as possible is Ticked

3. View Proof

1. Confirm that you are sending the documents to a single address

2. Select Ok

Wait until all the icons are Orange then click on the document to proof

1. Click on the address to view the proof

A preview of the final document will be shown- Close this once viewed using the X at the top

2. Then Select Approve and Submit

Press Yes to the "are you sure" Dialogue

Click Back and then the Icon should turn green with a tick- this Process is now Complete and you can close Docmail


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