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Configuration for On-line Telephone Appointments

This guide is ensure that your on-line appointments for patients to book into are only telephone appointments.

Each practice unit configuration is likely to be different, so please bear this in mind when using this guide out!

If you have any feedback or would like to see a different guide then scroll to the bottom and send in your question/ request!

Organisation Preferences
Online Services
Slot types

This gets a little tricky and depends on how your unit is set up. Pay attention to the THREE points below!

Slot types

Your slot type determines what is available for patients to book online or via their app. More about this later - as this needs configuring in a different section.

Slot types

This bit needs careful thought! This allows booking for all rota types. So any rotas which have telephone appointments (from step 1) become visible for booking. So think carefully about how your unit is set up. Keeping it simple works best!

Slot types

Again, this needs attention. This will allow or restrict booking for clinicians with the Telephone Appointment Slot types (from step 1)

Slots (part 1)

Slot types are available in the organisation preferences, in Appointments/ Slot Types

Slots (part 2)

Slot types are also available in Setup/ Appointments/ Slot Types


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