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BP Clinic (not known Hypertensive)

This is a guide and standard operating procedure for "blood pressure clinics". Patients who are NOT known to be hypertensive, have an invitation to come in for a blood pressure check.

Purpose of the clinic:

  • blood pressure check
  • pulse check
  • Cardiovascular risk assessment - involving associated lifestyle factors

1. Home Screen

Your toolbar may be different. Find the Appts icon to find your rota

Home Screen
Appts Icon

2. Rota

Find your rota and begin your consultation


3. Lifestyle Template

Use the Lifestyle template for all your data entry. This can be found on your toolbar - again, your toolbar may look different to this one.


Alternatively, find the lifestyle template by using the search functionality (lower left of SystmOne window)

Search Bar

You can also use 'F12' quick launch, and/or 'F2' favourites (ask for training if interested)

4. Data

For this clinic, start on the second tab 'Observations/ Urinalysis', and work through the rest of the tabs in turn.

Fill in all relevant section, and will differ for each patient depending on circumstances.

Urinalysis may also be necessary (checking for glucose, blood, and protein), and links to the urinalysis template.

Lifestyle Template

For this clinic, focus on the alcohol intake information. Discuss with colleagues/ supervisor if required.

Alcohol/ Exercise

Smoking for this clinic, focus on 'smoking status', and signpost to smoking cessation services as appropriate.


All patients in the BP clinic should have an up to date QRisk calculated, and statins discussed if appropriate.

It may also be appropriate to carry out an ECG.

Also check if bloods and uACR are required.

QRisk2/ Statin

Consider the use of 'Statin' Auto-consultation when discussing and counseling for lipids.

5. Hypertension clinical view

The hypertension view has all the relevant information required. It is mapped to current NICE guidance for hypertension.

If there is no data, then it means that it is either missing, or it is "not coded" such that it is not visible in the view.

There is also a tool bar which links to the Lifestyle template!

Clinical tree - hypertension view
Hypertension view
Htn view2

6. End of Review Actions

All cases need to be discussed with a clinical supervisor:

  1. before you are confident of the process or care, this needs to be done BEFORE the patient is allowed to leave
  2. AFTER you and your supervisor is confident of the process or care, this can be done at the end of the clinic

All cases are countersigned by senior clinicians

There are a number of outcomes possible from the review:

  1. No further action - case will be reviewed by a supervisor
  2. Routine task to be sent for action
  3. Urgent discussion with a senior clinician

Use a 'Task Template' - to Prescriber and Practitioners