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Chaperone Emis Web Template

1. Open the Chaperone Examination Template

Click on the Add button on the toolbar then select "Data Using Template"

If you have already started a consultation with the patient select "Run Template"

1. Type in Chaperone Examination

2. Press search.

3. Double click on the Chaperone Examination

(Please note, once you have used the template the template will be stored in the "Recently Used" list for next time)

2. The Chaperone Examination Template

This will then open the chaperone Examination Temple

1. If you are a clinician and have offered a chaperone select "chaperone offered" from the drop down menu

1. Click in the Text box to add any applicable text

2. Click in the "Clinical Examination Explained" box once you have explained the examination you can add any text in the box provided

3. Refused/ not available or not offered a chaperone

If the patient refuses a chaperone, chaperone is not available or if a chaperone was not offered, click on the relevant tick box below and enter any comments using the text box provided

4. If you are the Chaperone

If you have been asked to chaperone, tick on the chaperone present box below and then add any appropriate text into the box


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